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Shepherds and Sheep | Prophetic Word

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

As I look at the body of Christ, I see a significant disconnect among the Shepherds and the sheep as it relates to the desire of God's heart. The President's reopening of churches as essential has caused fighting amongst the saints because of concern for the sheep getting sick with the Coronavirus.

Here's what I hear the Lord is saying: "As Shepherds watching over My sheep, it's important to protect My sheep at all cost. However, where have many of you been all this time? Why haven't you been as concerned about the souls of my sheep as you are about them catching the virus? Selah! A sick soul full of spiritual viruses due to a lack of holy living, disciplining, and teaching is worse than any virus that can harm the physical body", says the Lord.

"In addition, when did My people get 'discernment' all of a sudden when many have yet to discern the truth of Who I Am after all these years? A significant number of My sheep aren't growing into disciples (spiritual warriors) because most of the Shepherds I put in place to watch over their souls are no longer growing themselves spiritually. You have built your kingdoms instead of Mine, says the Lord. If you are a Shepherd after my heart, that means you're supposed to care about the things that concern Me. Most of My sheep lack a personal relationship with Me because My Shepherds have taken My place in their lives. Also, many of My sheep, along with My Shepherds, aren't clear about who I AM because you all are still involved in idolatry and the likes while trying to serve Me at the same time. Why are My people still confused about what I call holy and unholy?

Additionally, many of My people scoff at spiritual things as if they're all untrue conspiracies, which indeed confirms a lack of spiritual integrity and knowledge concerning Satan (the enemy) and his many devices. How can you win against a living enemy you don't know? The souls of My people (sheep and Shepherds) are in more trouble than their physical bodies catching the Coronavirus. REPENT! I AM concerned about the whole being of My people (spirit, soul, and body) as I've always been. Shepherds, if you are only worried about the sheep getting physically sick than them possessing a righteous soul (from balanced and just teaching), then my Shepherds have failed my sheep! Besides, many of you have been spiritually sick and lacking sound teaching about Me, My laws, My Word, and My standards for the longest!"

"Many of my people still haven't repented from their idolatry, witchcraft, divination, sexual sins, perversion, and the like because they don't believe they're in sin (and some don't care). Many people lack studying My Word for themselves, and many of My Shepherds have stopped preaching sound doctrine (which keeps the souls of my people consciously aware of sin and iniquity) for the sake of fame, money, and popularity. The main reason why My people are remaining in sin is because they don't know Me. I AM a God of wrath, just like I AM a God of blessings and benefits", says the Lord.

"Moreover, My people are consistently getting prophecies about the blessings I have for them without getting prophecies about My righteous restrictions, which are a byproduct for My blessings. I Am a just God! And that which is unjust is an abomination unto Me—Who Hates an unjust balance (Proverbs 11:1). My blessings are predicated on obedience to My Word."

"I want my people safe from all viruses as well as the virus of sin and getting offended by the truth (which are My standards and Who I AM). Blessed are those who take no offense at Me and are not hindered from seeing and hearing the truth. Shepherds and sheep, you must get back to doing kingdom ministry My way. Seek first My Kingdom and My righteousness, then all these things (blessings, etc.) will be automatically added unto you. By the way, being afraid of a virus over Me is idolatry because you're making it bigger than Me", says the Lord.

"This is nevertheless My Word to you: If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV

Finally, "there is no ascension in Me (God) without having clean hands and a pure heart, regardless of how many prophetic Words maybe released unto you. My Bride (the Church) has been sick with the virus of sin, idolatry, and the like long before the Coronavirus was made manifest. However, I allowed Satan to release it so that you all can get your houses in order before it's too late. Many of my people are currently living in fear of the virus because they lack a real prayer life, which also means they lack real power. Living as a True Believer wasn't a part of my people lifestyle, and the enemy caught them off guard. Remember, real soldiers live sober and alert.

No one is walking with Me unless they agree with Me", says the Lord. "Plus, no human being can walk in faith (the Word of God) if they don't honestly believe in Me, My ways, or know My Word. To My Shepherds, if you're only teaching, preaching, prophesying, and the like to please people and not correct with My righteous standards, then you're their leader, and not Mine", says The Most High God.

Let those who have an ear hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to His Church.

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