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God's Original Intent is Essential for the Body of Christ!

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

One of the reasons why many people in this generation are so detached from the real God and Church (the institution I’m referring to at the moment) is because they are more spiritual than legalistic and religious. Due to a lack of spiritual teaching, many lack understanding about godly spirituality versus deceptive demonic spirituality. Both provide us with experiences, but godly spirituality manifests the Lord’s nature and ungodly spirituality manifests carnality and demonic infiltration. Without knowing the Word of God and living it, we won’t be able to discern between the two (good and evil).

For teaching purposes, the church is the collective body of believers who serve the God of all creation. The institution (the church house, worship center, or the disciple’s training facility) is for the equipping and releasing of God’s people (soldiers of the Lord) into their call and to be fishers of men who are lost and in need of Jesus Christ (the Savior). In addition, the church house is for corporate fellowship as one body to bring glory, praise, honor, and worship unto God.

As human beings, we are naturally drawn to spiritual things (because we are spirits) more than we are to lifeless religious practices that lack a true move of God. Everything that is in alignment with God (every branch connected to the VINE), births life and forward movement. That being said, if we do things God’s way, we will get His intended results. In this day and time, much of what has and is still being birthed is the framework of our call without the walls, doors, or windows to complete our assignment from God. Selah! Without the five-fold ministry working together as a unit (God's original intent), we will remain fragmented while the kingdom of darkness work together in unity.

Moreover, in order to get the attention of this generation, many leaders will have to be delivered from the seduction and deception of man-made doctrines and denominations. They must align themselves with God’s original intent which includes executing the totality of His Word with demonstrations in godly character and spiritual power derived from the Holy Spirit. We must teach this generation about The Holy Spirit and how He’s the authentic Spirit of God (who lives in us if we are saved) who leads and guides us daily as we walk in the Spirit. On the contrary, we must never get The Holy Spirit confused with ancestral spirits (demons, familiar spirits) that masquerade as angels of light (or our deceased relatives). Selah!

One thing for sure, that which is out of alignment with God’s standards and foundation cannot be revived by man-made traditions (carnality). Life is spiritual! That’s why we wrestle not with “flesh and blood” but with principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, and spiritual wickedness in high places (see Ephesians 6:12). It’s time for us to stop doing church and be God’s church (the body of Christ collectively and God’s Kingdom Ambassadors!). Repentance from dead and self-centered works is a good start to getting back in right standing with the Lord.

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